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Our Story

Stratification of schools into quality clusters, low income, insecurity in many parts of the country, poor teacher-student ratio and poorly equipped schools continue to be major impediments to access quality education. The covid-19 pandemic that saw the closure of all public and private schools for nearly a calendar year further exposed the region’s unpreparedness and meager efforts hitherto, in safeguarding the fundamental right to education. It is against this backdrop that we instinctively pitched for and won a World Bank grant to locally curate an avant-garde National E-Learning Platform to Transform the Lives of learners and tutors through quality learning and decent work respectively.

We invest an innovative way of doing things to force a paradigm shift through our purpose to transform lives through learning. We seek to curb cyclic unemployment in the teaching profession by enabling talented teachers to be part of our growth story by empowering them with the right tools for economic growth.

We achieve our vision to transform lives through learning in numerous ways but the inspiration of our most impactful transformation story is our focus on the learner. We do everything possible to unleash infinite possibilities for any learner regardless of their economic background anywhere anytime

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